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URGENT - E-Mail Issues - Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Your cooperation is required
CIS Software uses a mail server service to send out e-mail notifications. ALL servers have restrictions and rules to help prevent spam and illegal e-mail use. For example, most e-mail servers will suspend a user if they send out a certain amount of e-mails that are bounced back because the e-mail address is wrong or rejected. 

Since we do not receive these bounce backs, it is impossible for us to control and correct any incorrect e-mails in your systems that may be responsible for a temporary suspension of other e-mails being sent.

Therefore, we ask that you immediately suspend users who are getting bounced back e-mails or correct the e-mail address in your system.

Where do the Bounce Backs Go? -

In your CIS go to ADMIN/PREFERENCES/E-MAIL SETUP and the from and reply to e-mail should be set to the person in your organization that should receive these notifications. Please update this e-mail address to a correct one if it is not correct.

It is important that our server does not send out too many e-mails that are bounced or they will suspend the service again and it takes 24-hours to re-initiate it.

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